Appointment Procedures

We want all of our patients to understand the importance of going through these procedures. Each procedure is designed with your health in mind. Before you come in please read the procedures so you know what to expect on your visits.

First Appointment Procedures

New Patient Paperwork
To save yourself about 30 minutes print the forms to the right and COMPLETELY fill them out. These confidential new patient questionnaires help us to get to know you. Dr. Vance will use this information to help formulate recommendations for your care
You will meet with Dr. Vance and he will review your health history and discuss your concerns as well as advise you whether he feels chiropractic can help you.
Next.... Dr. Vance will perform a detailed exam including orthopedic, neurological tests
If necessary, specific X-Ray views may be taken to visualize the location of any spinal problems, reveal any pathologies, and make your modality of care more precise.
Massage Chair
You will be placed in a massage chair or a few minutes to loosen up your body before your adjustment
You will then be adjusted by Dr. Vance.


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Following Visits

All Visits will last about 30 minutes.

You will receive the massage chair and an adjustment

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Cancellation Policies

  • All cancelled/rescheduled appointments need to be made 12 hours in advance. They can be cancelled/rescheduled 24/7! Cancelled/rescheduled appointments inside the 12 Hour window will result in a $15 Fee.